With its autarkic operation, the sCO2-HeRo opens new avenues towards reactor safety and will considerably influence future safety concepts in the field of nuclear energy. The sCO2-HeRo system is completely independent of external supply of resources, such as electricity or water, for an almost unlimited period. The period of a reliable and safe decay-heat removal during a station blackout, combined with the loss of the ultimate heat sink, will be considerably extended by applying the proposed system. Furthermore, the sCO2-HeRo system is able to generate excess electricity, which is extremely valuable during a long-term station blackout.

Once being proven as reliable system, already existing nuclear power plants could be easily upgraded in the future by the very compact and self-launching device.

The sCO2-HeRo concept is independent of the type of light water reactor and provides the option to enhance the safety of the entire European fleet of LWRs. The sCO2-HeRo system is capable to be coupled to almost all nuclear plants in Europe, which underlines the European dimension of the idea.