Work packages

The project is in total divided into six work packages (WPs) as illustrated in the figure below.


The thermodynamic and mechanical interfaces between the glass model and the single components of the sCO2-HeRo system will be defined in WP1 System integration & simulation. Within this WP the integration of the sCO2-HeRo in the European LWR (Light Water Reactor) fleet will be demonstrated. The requirements regarding the position of the single components in the reactor building will be defined and the demands to achieve the quality assurance will be specified.

In WP2 Heat exchanger, we aim at designing, investigating and testing the compact heat exchanger and the sink heat exchanger with regard to the stringent space limitations, the applied conditions and the corresponding working fluids. Ultimately, the compact heat exchanger for the glass model will be manufactured and delivered to GfS (Gesellschaft für Simulatorforschung). The experimental work on the compact heat exchanger will be carried out in the supercritical CO2 test loop SCARLETT at IKE University of Stuttgart. More information on SCARLETT…

In WP3 Turbo-machine set, the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) will develop a turbo-machine under consideration of its reachable performance under the yet unknown boundary conditions for supercritical CO2 applications. Before the turbo-machine set is shipped to GfS for installation, a component test is conducted in the SUSEN CO2 loop at CV Rez (Research Centre Rez) that proofs the calculated performance map. More information on SUSEN…

WP4 Integration into the glass model brings together the single components that will be installed at the glass model at GfS. The developed test scenarios from WP1 are then implemented to test the feasibility of the device as a self-propellant passive cooling system even in very unlikely scenarios.

In WP5 Exploitation and Dissemination, the scientific aspects and project results will be made available to the wider public but also specifically to the scientific community and the business and industrial community.

WP6 Management deals with the general management of the project.