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Paper ID Title Author(s)
Keynote speech: Why and how sCO2 is now a research topic for EDF? Albannie Cagnac, Electricité de France (EdF)
sCO2-cycles and their applications (session 1)
100 First Operational Experience From The Supercritical CO2 Experimental Loop Vojacek, Ales; Frybort, Otakar; Hacks, Alexander
130 Economic Forecasting For Solar-Energy Assisted Supercritical CO2 Brayton Cycle Noaman, Mohamed B.; Morosuk, Tatiana; Tsatsaronis, George
106 Design, Control and Start-up of the sCO2 Test Facility Scarlett Flaig, Wolfgang; Mertz, Rainer; Starflinger, Jörg
Compressor / Turbine / Generator (session 2)
112 Design Of A Single-Shaft Compressor, Generator, Turbine For Small-Scale Supercritical CO2 Systems For Waste Heat To Power Conversion Applications De Miol, Maxence; Bianchi, Giuseppe;
Henry, Gabriel; Holaind, Norman; Tassou, Savvas A.; Leroux, Arthur
115 Experimental Investigation of the sCO2-HeRo Compressor Hacks, Alexander Johannes; Vojacek, Ales; Dohmen, Hans Josef; Benra, Friedrich-Karl; Brillert, Dieter
116 Scaling Considerations for the Application of the sCO2-HeRo System in Nuclear Power Plants Hacks, Alexander Johannes; Dohmen, Hans Josef; Benra, Friedrich-Karl; Brillert, Dieter
sCO2-cycles and their applications (session 3)
107 Evaluation of sCO2 power cycles for direct and waste heat applications Glos, Stefan; Schlehuber, Dominic; Wechsung, Michael; Wagner, Rebecca;
Heidenhof, Andre
109 Supercritical CO2 Heat Removal System, – Integration into European PWR Fleet Hájek, Petr; Vojacek, Ales; Hakl, Vaclav
110 Concept And Preliminary Design Of A 600 °C+ sCO2 Test Facility Gampe, Uwe; Henoch, Jasmin; Gerbeth, Gunter; Hampel, Uwe; Hannemann, Frank; Rath, Sebastian
Compressor / Turbine / Generator (session 4)
119 Comparison of CO2 Critical Flow Model Based on Henry-Fauske Model with Two-phase Flow Kim, Min Seok; Oh, Bong Seong; Jung, Hwa-Young; Bae, Seong Jun; Lee, Jeong Ik
124 Start Up Modeling of S-CO2 Cycles Using Beta Line Method Of Turbomachinery Performance Map Oh, Bong-Seong; Kim, Seong Gu; Cho, Seong Kuk; Bae, Seong Jun; Lee, Jeong Ik
149 Design and dynamic simulation of a 200 kwth laboratory sCO2-test rig Gregor, Klemencic; Werner, Andreas; Leibinger, Helmut; Steinschaden, Norbert; Nowack, Tim; Flegkas, Stylianos; Haider, Markus; Fellner, Thomas; Bergthaller, Thomas
sCO2-cycles and their applications (session 5)
111 Effects of Cold Temperature and Main Compressor Intercooling on Recuperator and Recompression Cycle Performance Weiland, Nathan T.; White, Charles W.;
O’Connell, Andrew C
118 Sco2 Closed Brayton Cycle For Coal-Fired Power Plant: An Economic Analysis Of A Previous Technical Optimization Mecheri, Mounir
Heat transfer and heat exchanger (session 6)
104 Experimental Investigation On Heat Transfer Between Condensing Steam And sCO2 In Compact Heat Exchangers Straetz, Marcel Ralf; Mertz, Rainer;
Starflinger, Jörg
105 Flow and Heat Transfer Characterization for Supercritical CO2 During Heat Rejection Pandey, Sandeep; Laurien, Eckart; Chu, Xu
sCO2-cycles and their applications (session 7)
123 A Novel Approach To Accurately Model Heat Transfer To Supercritical Fluids Otero-Rodriguez, Gustavo; Patel, Ashish; Pecnik, Rene
128 Impact of CSP Design Parameters on sCO2-based Solar Tower Plants Buck, Reiner; Giuliano, Stefano
Heat transfer and heat exchanger (session 8)
121 Preliminary Experimental Study Of CO2 Based Mixture Supercritical Power Cycle Baik, Seungjoon; Lee, Jeong Ik
126 Investigating the heat transfer characteristics of supercritical HFC-125 in low temperature organic Rankine cycle Lazova, Marija; De Paepe, Michel