TÜV has certified the sCO2 loop

On 29 May 2018, the TÜV Nord in Germany has checked and certified the newly installed sCO2 loop at the glass model! The loop is safe and the pressure test was successful at 130bar.

sCO2-HeRo Workshop at CVR, 01 Sep 2017

The sCO2-HeRo team from CVR organized a sCO2-HeRo Workshop that was held back to back with the sCO2 Summer School at CVR. The workshop took place on 1st Sep 2017 and was open to interested students from Europe and abroad (find here the sCO2-HeRo Workshop flyer).

During the Summer School, interested students were teached on the latest developments in the field of sCO2 cycle technology, with special focus on the SUSEN loop at CVR.

Summer School flyer

2nd year project meeting in Řež, Czech Republic, 19-20 July 2017

The sCO2-HeRo team met for their 2nd year project meeting in Řež, Czech Republic, hosted by CVR. The meeting focised on the development of a test program at GfS. The Advisory Board members gave advise on questions to be addressed when it comes to attracting regulators and operators of NPPs. In addition the partners visited the CO2 experimental loop SUSEN (SUStainable Energy), which is has been slightly modified for tests of the heat sink and the turbomachine.